What We Do

At its core, Dental3 functions as a public health overlay for the participating DCOs, with a focus on the large population of Medicaid members’ dental health.

Dental3 connects with community partners who serve our common populations of Medicaid members to offer an efficient way of providing oral health and education in settings where the population goes to school, seeks services, works, and lives.

Some of the population based programs might consist of the following:

  • School based oral screenings / risk assessments / sealant programs
  • Head Start screenings and fluoride varnish
  • Geriatric in-home prevention
  • Institutionalized members
  • Pregnant women education and prevention services in WIC centers and medical settings (OBGYN).
  • Oral health education and prevention in medical settings for children – collocated medical and dental

We are currently serving children through school based sealants and Head Start screenings with fluoride varnishes.