Outreach & Engagement

One of Dental3’s main goals is to continue to grow our School-Based Dental Screening & Sealant Program by increasing our overall participation rate at every school. In order to accomplish this, the Dental3 team uses a number of different engagement and education activities at schools that are shown to be successful in bringing awareness to the parents and students. Dental3 is able to do all of the engagement activities listed below at both Elementary and Middle schools, unless noted otherwise.

  • Classroom Presentations
  • Back to School Nights
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Mojo the Monkey (Elementary School Only)

Classroom presentations are short presentations that can be modified to last anywhere between 5-15 minutes about general oral health, making healthy food and drink choices and the importance of sealants to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

At back to school nights and parent teacher conferences, Dental3 has a number of different interactive games for students and parents to enjoy along with fun prizes to give away to students who answer dental health trivia questions.

Who is Mojo?

Mojo the monkey is a very important member of the Dental3 team. Mojo is our dental health teaching puppet who visits students in their classrooms to teach them healthy habits to have a healthy mouth as well as prepare them for the School-Based Dental Screening & Sealant Program. By meeting and listening to Mojo, the students have less anxiety regarding the sealant procedure.

Mojo is a fun and interactive presentation done by one of the Dental3 staff members. During these presentations, students will also learn about how to brush their teeth and floss properly while having fun during this engaging presentation. At the end of the presentation, each student gets their very own Mojo activity book that they can take home to color and read with their parents.

About Mojo Presentations

  • Mojo presentations are recommended for each 2nd and 3rd grade class at participating elementary schools
  • The ideal time to participate in Mojo presentations is two to four weeks prior to the scheduled sealant services
  • Mojo brings a book with him to read about the dental sealant treatment as well as the real tools the dental hygienist will use during the sealant services
  • A Mojo activity book will be sent home with each child along with an extra consent form. This will help the parents better understand the dental sealant services and why they are important for all students
  • The presentations take place in the classroom and are approximately 10-15 minutes long


Would you like to schedule an Engagement Activity?

Please contact Dental3’s Program Outreach & Development Coordinator, Lacey Cox, at LaceyCox@Dental3.net or by calling our office at 503-521-7166.