Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do children need fluoride varnishes if we have fluoride in our water?

A: While a few of Oregon’s cities do provide fluoridated water, most of our state does not. Either way, fluoride varnishes are important because children’s teeth are much more susceptible to cavities, ulcers, and other decay. Fluoride applied topically (that is, directly to the teeth) will help protect their teeth and helps kids stay cavity free their whole lives.

Q: Who provides the services?

A: Our wonderful Expanded Practice Dental Hygienists provide the screenings, fluoride varnishes, and/or sealants. Check out our Meet the Team page to learn more about them!

Q: Who performed these services before you came around?

A: Unfortunately, many children struggled to receive timely preventative dental care. Some would be seen by dentists for these services but many children were unable to get care for various reasons, including inaccessibility, transportation, and other factors. Having these services come to them has made a big difference!